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Dive into the vibrant world of contemporary art with host Ekaterina Popova, the founder of Create! Magazine. Join us as we celebrate the stories and perspectives of artists and creators around the globe. It's a space where art meets conversation, and inspiration meets relaxation. Tune in to nourish your creative spirit, one heartfelt conversation at a time.

Love For Art & Cocktails!

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Five-star Reviews
Uplifting, Authentic, & Loving - the Best!!
I have been listening to Create (formerly Art & Cocktails) for 3+ years. When I came back to art, this podcast, and guests, were my INSPIRATION. Helpful tips and interesting artist stories gave me tools to keep a positive mindset. Also recommend the amazing Art Queens Membership for a thriving, encouraging community. I can’t say enough about how valuable this has been to my well-being and growth as an artist. Thank you Kat and Alicia!! You rock!!!

Margot Dermody


Becoming a favorite!✨
Grateful for the insightful and inspiring conversations. The optimism really makes me feel like even the craziest dreams are possible. You can tell Kat is genuine and I love that about this podcast. I just ordered my first Create magazine and I can’t wait to receive it. Thank you for the endless inspiration. It’s needed and appreciated!



Seriously Love!!
So inspiring every time, thank you Kat and Alicia and everyone else behind this podcast!!! 💓💗💓💗



Kat is best 💕
I’m not exaggerating when I say Ekaterina Popova changed my life 💗 When I was struggling to get my art career started and felt totally lost and alone, Kat’s podcast and her encouraging, generous words made me feel supported and hopeful for the first time. She is the living example that anything is possible if you don’t give up and work smarter! (Not just harder) Thank you Kat for everything you do for emerging artists!



Inspiring Podcast!
This is truly one of my favorite podcasts centered around art and creativity. Ekaterina is a wonderful host and each episode is deep, meaningful and inspiring.I highly recommend this podcast to anyone involved in the creative process!

Victoria Fry


Love this podcast! Kat shares so many awesome artists journeys as well as her own struggles and triumphs! Everything real on this and so many helpful tips! One of my top favorites!!!!



So inspiring and helpful
Absolutely love listening to this while painting. Such helpful information and so motivating. If you want a pick-me-up to enhance your art practice, this is for you!



Uplifting & Insightful
Kat and her co-host Alicia are such knowledgeable and inspiring women with generous spirits. If you’re an artist at any stage of your career, you will definitely get a lot out of subscribing and listening to this podcast. Put it on when you need motivation, inspiration, or just a comforting voice to support you on your artistic journey!



Meet Your Host

Welcome, artists and dreamers, creators and visionaries. I'm Ekaterina Popova, your host and the founder of Create! Magazine, inviting you to a heartfelt space where art meets conversation, and inspiration meets a splash of relaxation.

About Kat

My creative process involves working with oil paints and watercolor, utilizing them to explore personal themes of home, belonging, and identity. Since earning my Bachelor's in Fine Art from Kutztown University in 2011, I have been on a rewarding adventure, expressing emotions and narratives through my art, and showcasing my paintings of interiors and nature in corners of the world, including the United States, the U.K., France, and Spain. Inspired to foster a community for artists, I founded Create! Magazine and Art Queens. These platforms are dear to me, reflecting my commitment to building nurturing spaces where artists can connect and thrive. My desire to share knowledge and experience also led to the co-writing of "The Creative Business Handbook" and "The Complete Smartist Guide" with my friend Alicia Puig.


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Create! Podcast

Create! is a podcast for the artist who believes that our entire life is a canvas, and we have the power to create anything we desire. Uplifting conversations about art, creative business, and more. Hosted by Ekaterina Popova, artist, coach, and founder of Create! Magazine.