In this episode, Alicia interviews fine artist JJ Galloway. Galloway is an internationally collected artist known for whimsical paintings and sculptures of people, animals and food or any combination of the three! Carefully executed in a traditional style using oils, watercolors or mixed media, her art can be found in both public and private collections worldwide. After years of selling her own work out of her studio and at pop-up events, she eventually launched JJ Galloway Studios in order to be able to showcase other artists' work at fairs and events both across the US and abroad.

JJ Galloway martini fox

After graduating college with a dual degree in Fine Art and Marketing, JJ spent 10 years in the public relations world. Her first job as a string reporter for CBS News and finishing her executive career running the PR Departments at the National Aquarium in Baltimore and on the board of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. It was in these later jobs where JJ gained her love and appreciation for wild animals and their conservation. The inspiration for combining animals and food comes from her daughter’s childhood habit of putting the first bit of every meal on top of her head, like a crown.

“My paintings make people feel happy and often nostalgic. I paint food and animals with foods to bring a little humor into art collections. A culinary crown makes perfect sense!”

JJ regularly participates in shows in major cities including NY, London, Miami, Chicago and LA. When JJ’s not in the studio, she’s at the Smithsonian where she leads lectures both in the galleries and virtually to hundreds of participants globally. She also acts as a mentor for many emerging artists as they begin their fine art businesses. JJ resides in the Annapolis, Maryland area of the United States.

jj galloway cupcakke painting

JJ Galloway painting