In this episode, Alicia Puig hosts an interview with Cindy Shaoul. Inspired by the whimsy and purity of the feminine form, Shaoul is known for her impressionistic and abstract style. She is best recognized for her series ‘Brides’, ‘Dripping Dots’ and ‘Hearts’, as well as her Plein-air street scenes of quintessential New York locations. Cities suffered during the global pandemic but painter Cindy Shaoul reminds us of their romantic and elegant spirit through her cityscape paintings. Shaoul is the perfect fusion of old and new (through her unique combination of impressionist and abstract painting methods) with a bit of haute couture and street art on the side. As cities slowly come back to life, Shaoul reminds us of their beauty that inspires.

Cindy Shaoul Empire State painting

Cindy Shaoul painting on site

Cindy Shaoul contemporary cityscape painting

Cindy Shaoul artist studio