In this episode, of our podcast, Art & Cocktails we introduce you to Emily Stevens, affectionately known as Paz, the imaginative force behind Pazful Designs.

Join Kat and Em as they engage in a candid conversation about the dedication it takes to pursue a career in art, the delicate balance between day jobs and following one's dreams, and the transformative challenges that come with being an artist.

You'll get to explore Em's remarkable journey, from her roots in rural Pennsylvania to her thriving artist life in Denver. Uncover her deep passion for ceramics and her ambitious plans. Em also shares how her two rescue dogs, Bubba and Luna, serve as constant sources of inspiration in her creative pursuits.

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Emily “Paz” Stevens is an accomplished ceramic artist residing in Denver, Colorado. Her introduction to the world of ceramics was serendipitous, discovered when she stumbled upon a community pottery studio during her time in Austin, Texas. Following just one class, she made the life-altering decision to embark on a career in ceramics. Her journey, marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, is indebted to the invaluable experience gained from multiple community studios she attended in both Texas and Colorado.

Emily's artistic focus predominantly revolves around the creation of unique and functional art pieces inspired by the elegant world of geometry. Her passion for repetition is palpable in the exquisite forms she crafts. Her art is not only an expression of her own happiness but also a conduit for spreading joy to others, a purpose she wholeheartedly embraces.

Looking ahead, Emily harbors ambitions to further enrich her ceramic education by delving into the realm of organic, non-functional forms. While she derives immense satisfaction from crafting functional art, she also recognizes the innate beauty of creating art purely for its own sake.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Emily relishes exploring the vibrant city of Denver in the company of her two beloved rescue dogs. She's an avid enthusiast of culinary exploration, always on the lookout for new restaurants to try, and she frequents local art galleries to fuel her passion.

For a deeper dive into Emily’s artistic world, you can find her captivating creations on Instagram @pazfuldesigns or connect with her directly via email at