Join host Ekaterina Popova and Brazilian born and California-based artist Drica Lobo and learn what makes us experience the flow state. Learn about the artist's journey, how she found her flow and how you can experience more joy, beauty and creativity in your life.

Drica makes modern landscapes, transforming the familiar into a bold, joyful and powerful scenario. Manipulating shapes and feelings through the selection and composition of color.

Through her creations, Drica strives to help people see the world with optimism, and encourages her audience to shift perspectives and ponder the mysteries of the universe. She is now picking up her pen to spread her art through her first book, Decoding the Flow, detailing her process and passion for creation. "Decoding The Flow: Optimize Your Create Power With Unshakeable Confidence" is a book about Lobo's search for flow and its powerful energy as a way to improve her creative living. It's a personal journey of artistic mindfulness and confidence you want to be part of. At the end of each chapter, the book offers a framework to help you optimize your creativity with unshakeable confidence.



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Decoding the Flow by Drica Lobo
Painting by Drica Lobo
Drica Lobo