Have you ever told yourself that you won't succeed as an artist unless you have a giant audience? This inspiring episode dispels this myth and gives you the nudge to chase your biggest art dreams.

Join us as we delve into Dana's transformative art journey. Transitioning from luxury branding to establishing herself as an independent visual artist, Dana shares the challenges and triumphs she's faced. Gain insights into her roles at Anthropologie and other retail brands, which shaped her path before embracing art full-time, and learn about her exhibitions at renowned art fairs.

Engage in a heartfelt discussion on meditation, gratitude, and the magic of affirmations. This episode stands as a testament to the healing power of art and the profound impact of heeding one's inner call. Ideal for artists seeking inspiration or enthusiasts eager to peek behind the curtain of a brilliant artist's life.

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Dana is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Washington State and is a first-generation Filipino-American. She moved to New York in 2005 for her undergrad education and holds an AAS in Exhibition Design and a BFA in Packaging Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She lived in NYC for 13 years, working as a multi-disciplinary designer in the luxury fashion, fine jewelry, and cosmetics industry.

Since 2017, her visual language has become more defined through her paintings. In 2019, she did a month-long artist residency in Costa Rica with the Mauser Foundation. Moved and inspired by the connection people were having with her expressive florals and lush landscapes, Dana began selling her work online in 2020 and has garnered collectors around the country. In the fall of 2021, she left her day job and began pursuing her art full-time.


My work explores imaginary landscapes and floral scenes as a place of sanctuary, meditation, and growth.

These worlds represent the beauty that thrives wild and borderless on the other side of fear and trauma. Using flowers as an expression for joy, harmony, and connection; forms of petals and leaves erupt from the earth, merging as a symphony of color, singing hope and possibility. The dense greenery and abundant pockets of whimsical flora avow exponential growth and limitless bounds. Painted intuitively, a universal land is created, where familiar shapes and formations resonate and offer healing. Respite is provided, and we can examine deep within ourselves to dream of tomorrow and the reclaiming of our temporary paradise. This fantastical plane unites us with the oneness of nature and our interconnectedness within the greater universe.