In the latest episode of Art & Cocktails, we chat with Priscilla Loomis, a triple threat Olympian and entrepreneur whose story is as inspiring as it is transformative. From her athletic prowess to her entrepreneurial endeavors and philanthropic ventures, Priscilla embodies resilience and determination, leaving an enduring impact on the world stage.

Episode Highlights:

1. A Triple Threat Olympian: Dive into the fascinating story of Priscilla Loomis, an Olympian who seamlessly integrates the Olympic mindset into her career and business ventures, serving as a beacon of inspiration for artists, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking motivation.

2. Track and Field Career: Explore Priscilla's illustrious track and field career, witnessing her unwavering dedication and perseverance that have propelled her to the highest levels of athletic achievement.

3. Motivational Speaker: Gain insights into Priscilla's role as a highly sought-after motivational speaker, where she shares messages of empowerment, gratitude, and self-love, collaborating with prestigious organizations and making appearances in esteemed media outlets.

4. Philanthropic Initiatives: Learn about the impactful work of the Priscilla E. Frederick Foundation, founded by Priscilla herself, dedicated to uplifting underprivileged youth and fostering personal growth and empowerment.

5. Journal Collection: Explore Priscilla's limited edition journal collection, meticulously designed to inspire excellence, impact, and unparalleled confidence in daily life, serving as a tool for personal growth and empowerment.

Connect with Priscilla:

  • Website: Priscilla Loomis
  • Instagram: @priscilla_frederick
  • Discover more about Priscilla's speaking engagements, philanthropic work, and journal collection, and embark on your journey to unleash your inner champion today!

Conclusion: Priscilla Loomis's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, resilience, and unwavering determination. Join us in this episode of Art & Cocktails to connect with Priscilla and unlock your inner champion. Visit Priscilla's website and follow her on Instagram to learn more about her remarkable journey and be inspired to pursue your own path to greatness.