Join us for an inspiring exploration of Greg Mike's journey from street artist to entrepreneur. In this episode of Art & Cocktails, host Ekaterina Popova sits down with Greg Mike, a prolific muralist, designer, and the founder of ABV AGENCY and ABV GALLERY. Greg's colorful journey from painting walls to building brands is a testament to creativity, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Episode Highlights:

  • Career Insights: Gain valuable insights into Greg Mike's artistic journey, from childhood inspiration to becoming a renowned muralist and founder of ABV AGENCY.
  • Artistic Style: Explore Greg Mike's distinctive style, characterized by vibrant colors, surrealistic elements, and playful cartoon motifs
  • Mural Magic: Learn how Greg Mike approaches mural projects, including his experiences painting in cities like Atlanta, Miami, and beyond.
  • Creative Entrepreneurship: Discover Greg Mike's entrepreneurial ventures, from founding ABV GALLERY to curating events like the OuterSpace Project.
  • Tips for Artists: Get practical advice on networking, navigating the art world, and turning your passion into a successful career.
  • Studio Secrets: Peek behind the scenes as Greg Mike shares his creative process, from sketching on iPads to bringing large-scale murals to life.
  • Atlanta's Art Scene: Explore the thriving art scene in Atlanta and why it's a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts.

Conclusion: Tune in to "Art & Cocktails" for uplifting conversations that celebrate creativity and inspire artists to reach new heights. This episode is brought to you by Create! Magazine. Use code "NEWREADER" to save 20% off subscriptions.