In the newest podcast episode on Art and Cocktails, explore how Ciara Barsotti masterfully balances art, life, and motherhood with grace and creativity. Listen on iTunes, Spotify and more!

About Ciara Barsotti

Ciara Barsotti is not only the host of the Chico Creates podcast but also a talented artist known for her lively abstract art, imaginative landscape paintings, and bright, cheerful pet portraits that perfectly capture your pets’ unique personalities. Living in Chico, CA with her husband, child, and two cats, Ciara embodies the harmony of life, motherhood, and art.

Ciara Barsotti

Making Space for Each Part of Life

Her journey is an inspiring narrative of balance, dedication, and love. Despite the many roles Ciara juggles, she ensures ample time for her family, art, and personal growth. Her experience shines a light on the achievable dream of having it all with hard work and passion.

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Delve into Ciara Barsotti's world, where she harmoniously melds art, life, and motherhood. Allow her compelling story to guide and inspire you in carving out space for every vital aspect of your life.