In this episode of The Art & Cocktails Podcast, host Kat (Ekaterina Popova) warmly welcomes back Sarah Potter, a renowned psychic medium, witch, and former curator. Sarah shares her unique insights on how to embrace our deeper talents and expand beyond our conventional fields. This episode delves into the fascinating intersection of art, business, and spirituality.

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Key Topics:

  1. Heeding the Call: Sarah discusses the importance of listening to our inner voice and expanding beyond our traditional roles.
  2. Integrating Magic and Spirituality: Practical tips for artists and listeners on incorporating magical practices and spirituality into everyday life and studio routines.
  3. Sarah Potter's Journey: An intimate look at Sarah's evolution from a curator to a celebrity psychic medium, Tarot reader, and professional witch.
  4. Spiritual Guidance and Empowerment: Sarah's approach to providing bespoke magical experiences and drawing on her extensive occult knowledge during Tarot readings.

Sarah Potter is not just a psychic medium but a celebrity in her field, known for her extraordinary Tarot reading skills and profound occult wisdom. Her spiritual guidance has transformed the lives of thousands, including both private individuals and corporate clients. Each session with Sarah promises a tailor-made experience, blending magical practices with empowering advice.