In this episode of Art & Cocktails podcast, join host Ekaterina Popova alongside artist and author James McCrae as they chat all about reconnecting with your creativity and making space for new ideas and inspiration to flow through you. James, a multifaceted artist– author, poet, and teacher – is on a mission to empower creators to infuse purpose into their lives and transform imagination into tangible reality.

In this conversation, James shares his journey of becoming an artist and transitioning from advertising. Discover insights on making room for ideas to flow, insights from his latest book, and much more!

James McCrae is an author, poet, meme artist, and creative strategist based in Austin, Texas. Applying principles of mindfulness and Eastern philosophy to modern life with humor and candor, James offers coaching, consultation services, and teaches classes on conscious creativity.

Author of two books, "Sh#t Your Ego Says" (Hay House, 2017) and "How to Laugh in Ironic Amusement During Your Existential Crisis" (Thought Catalog, 2021), James's work guides readers through quieting negative self-talk, reconnecting with intuition, and embracing the unknown.

As a creative strategist, James has collaborated with top global brands, including Microsoft, NBC, Target, Organic Valley, and United Healthcare, helping define their mission, vision, and brand story.

With articles on creativity featured in Forbes, HuffPost, Adweek, Yogi Times, Entrepreneur, and Elephant Journal, and poetry in esteemed literary journals such as American Journal of Poetry, 34th Parallel Magazine, and New Millennium Writings, James is a prolific contributor to creative discourse.

Follow James on Instagram (@wordsarevibrations) for daily memes, poems, and illustrations. Don't miss his podcast, Sunflower Club, where he explores the intersection of creativity, consciousness, and culture.

In his downtime, James enjoys practicing yoga, visiting art museums, watching basketball, walking his dogs, and immersing himself in music.

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