About Create! Magazine

Our mission is to make unique contemporary art accessible to everyone — whether you’re an emerging artist, maker, collector, artpreneur, or simply have a love for art. 

Each issue is filled with vibrant contemporary art, craft, design, and inspiring stories of makers from around the world.

Celebrating emerging contemporary artists and creating a welcoming and inclusive community through our print issues and online platforms is our passion. 

Create! Magazine is a boutique, independent international publisher of books and magazines. We aim to foster a global community, offer educational resources, and provide much more!

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Discover Top Emerging Artists + Grow Your Career

Each beautifully crafted edition features inspiring interviews, perspectives, and advice from emerging artists and creative professionals. And we dedicate a significant portion of our art publication to a variety of artists selected by guest curators through our calls for art and contests.

Artists, makers, and designers are welcome to submit to our blog at any time. We regularly feature blog submissions and strive to promote the work that fits our mission and aesthetic.

Portrait of Kat on a solid background, folded arms and looking off to the right.

Supporting Emerging Contemporary Artists Since 2013

Create! Magazine was founded by artist Ekaterina Popova in 2013 (originally FreshPaintMagazine). During this time, Kat was trying to find her place in the art world after graduating with her BFA. After getting rejected by yet another job, she decided to build her own platform. 

Having no experience in publishing or background in design she took a leap of faith and followed her vision to create her first publication.

Seven years later, Create! Magazine is a print publication, empowering the community, a podcast, and more. What started as a humble indie zine turned into a platform that helps celebrate a wide array of emerging artists from all over the world.

We provide opportunities to get published through our website, curated calls for art, and social media platforms. 
We are so proud to have grown our community from a tiny print magazine to a place that celebrates artists and connects them to a broader audience. The magazine is constantly evolving and aiming to showcase a diverse range of artists, makers, and artpreneurs.