In this episode, Alicia Puig interviews Dontae T. Muse, artrepreneur coach & gallery co-owner. He helps visual artists to monetize their creativity and increase their income using proven branding and creative marketing strategies. In his books, workshops, courses, and signature program "Pay The Artist", he covers everything from pricing your work, branding yourself, identifying your client avatar, composing your artist statements, crafting and submitting proposals, social media engagement, and more.

During this conversation, Alicia and Dontae discuss the mistakes artists often make with regard to selling and marketing their work as well as the top reasons why gallery pitches are unsuccessful (& what to do about it!). Tune in for tried and true strategies on how to finally get a gallery to notice your work.

Tripping Over Canvases Art Gallery Dontae Muse
Tripping Over Canvases Dontae Muse