In Alicia's last episode as guest host, she chats with Jen Barlow, a celebrated painter and the President of the Montgomery Art Association in Maryland. Jen, famous for her colorful images of food and sweets, regularly displays her artwork across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Exploring Jen’s Art Journey

Alicia and Jen discuss Jen’s art career and the big difference joining a local artist group made for her. They talk about the positive effects of being part of an artist community for support and opportunities, even in places without established groups.

The Importance of Community

Much of their conversation focuses on the value of building a community as an artist. They explore how important it is for artists to connect with others for mutual support and sharing opportunities.

Connect with Jen Barlow

Want to learn more about Jen and her amazing artwork? Check out her website at JKB Art or follow her on Instagram

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Author: Alicia Puig

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