Create! Exhibitions

Experience a collection of past and present exhibitions, both in-person and virtual, brought to you by Create! Magazine. Our dedicated team, alongside leading guest curators, puts together an exceptional array of shows that have something for everyone.

Fresh Paint Exhibition

Enjoy the virtual online exhibition 'Fresh Paint' Curated by Margaret Winslow, Curator of Contemporary Art, Delaware Art Museum

Chroma Exhibition at the Paradigm Arts Building

'Chroma', featured works from over 40 local, national and international emerging artists exploring the theme of color, vibrancy and intensity in their work."Chroma" is curated by Alicia Puig, CEO of PxP Contemporary and Director of Create! Magazine, and Ekaterina Popova, Founder of Create! Magazine.

Bloom Exhibition

Enjoy the virtual online exhibition Bloom, curated by Gita Joshi. "From Monet to Georgia O'Keeffe, to Van Gogh to Andy Warhol, a bloom, a flower, is one of the oldest subjects of art in history. We are drawn to it over and over again, in art and in life."

Alchemy Exhibition

Curators: Charuka Arora, Victoria J. Fry, and Mona Lerch. "As artists, part of what we do is transform. We take materials like canvas and paint, clay and fire, camera and film, and completely transform them into a work of art. We alter the current state of these materials and manipulate them until they are often completely unrecognizable."

Healing From Within Exhibition

The process of healing starts from within, it begins with finding that piece inside of us and recognizing the attention it needs. Something does not need to be broken in order to heal. Instead, it is a mending, a process of internal patching, of making complete once more. Although this type of intentional work is internal, there is often a link to the physical: the act of creating can be an act of healing.

Unleashing Magic Exhibition

Enjoy the virtual online exhibition for "Unleashing Magic" curated by Create! Magazine x PxP Contemporary.

Rise Exhibition

For this virtual exhibition curated by Erika B Hess, artists have created works that relish in the satisfaction of overcoming, that sit with the emotions of this process, and explore what it often takes to get there.

From The Pages 2

Paradigm Gallery + Studio, in collaboration with Create! Magazine, is pleased to present From the Pages 2, a group exhibition featuring contemporary artists previously published in Create! Magazine.

From the Pages

Paradigm Gallery + Studio and Ekaterina Popova are pleased to announce From the Pages, a co-curated group exhibition, which brings together a diverse group of 13 national artists in a contemporary gallery setting. The collaboration features artists who appeared in Popova's publications: Create! Magazine and FreshPaintMagazine, many of whom also regularly exhibit with Paradigm Gallery + Studio.