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Welcome to Create! Magazine! We believe contemporary art magazines and communities should be accessible to artists and art lovers alike. Whether you're seeking creative inspiration, searching for new additions to your collection, seeking expert tips to nurture your burgeoning art career, or looking to support emerging artists, you'll find all of that and more right here. Create! Magazine is a boutique, independent international publisher of books and magazines. Founded in 2013.

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Pauline Di Valentin

Pauline Di Valentin

Claire Godbee

Claire Godbee

Joanna Pilarczyk

Joanna Pilarczyk

Shaunna Hubbard

Shaunna Hubbard

About us

Create! Magazine is an independent publisher.

Create! Magazine is an independent, hardworking team of artists, creatives, writers, and visionaries with a big heart and a deep love for our art community. When we were starting out making our way in the art world, we faced a lot of adversity and had a hard time accessing the tools and resources we needed to grow our careers. Create! Magazine was initially founded with the intention of making a space where artists could easily find what we didn’t have back then, but has now grown to offer so much more.

Every single contributor to this platform is driven by an innate desire to make the world a better place for creatives and to see them succeed in their own way.

To that end, we aim to be inclusive and supportive of our audience and readers no matter their background or career level.

At Create!, we hope to inspire, educate, coach, and show others to realize that an abundant and joyful life as an artist is possible.

We showcase exemplary artists from within our community, share career and studio advice from artists and coaches, and partner with top brands to broaden your horizons of what artists are truly capable of manifesting.

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Ekaterina Popova

Founder & Editor-in-Chief