In the world of contemporary art, few artists captivate the imagination quite like Rebecca Chaperon. Known for her mystical and surreal compositions, Chaperon invites viewers into ethereal landscapes brimming with otherworldly charm. Recently, on the Art & Cocktails podcast, host Ekaterina Popova sat down with Chaperon for an illuminating conversation that peeled back the layers of her artistic process and inspirations.

Chaperon was born in England in 1978 and graduated from Emily Carr University in 2002. Her work is exhibited and collected internationally and she is a two-time recipient of Canada Council Awards for her Antarticus and Cave Paintings series respectively. She has shown extensively in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, and has been included in exhibitions in Richmond (VA), Chicago (IL), San Fransisco and Los Angeles (CA). Her paintings are held by several private and corporate collections including TD Canada and Aritzia.

Rebecca Chaperon

Journey into the Mystical:

Chaperon's art serves as a portal to otherworldly realms, where blooming gardens, winding vines, and mysterious figures coexist in harmony. With a touch of darkness and a hint of whimsy, her paintings evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue, inviting viewers to lose themselves in the intricacies of each composition.

Rebecca Chaperon

Unveiling the Narrative:

During the podcast, Popova and Chaperon delved into the rich narratives woven into Chaperon's work. From the symbolism of landscapes to the enigmatic stories hinted at in her paintings, Chaperon shared insights into her process of storytelling through art. Each brushstroke serves as a thread in a larger tapestry of mystery and magic.

Rebecca Chaperon

Finding Authenticity:

Authenticity and voice are central themes in Chaperon's artistic journey. Graduating from Emily Carr University in 2002, she emphasized the importance of finding one's unique voice as an artist. Through experimentation and exploration, Chaperon has carved out a niche for herself in the art world, blending elements of pop surrealism with her own distinct style.

Rebecca Chaperon

Balancing Creativity and Commerce:

The conversation also touched on the delicate balance between creativity and the business side of art. From marketing strategies to sales approaches, Chaperon shared insights into navigating the art market while staying true to one's creative vision. For Chaperon, art is not just about expression but also about sustaining a livelihood as a professional artist.

New Horizons:

As the conversation unfolded, Chaperon hinted at new horizons in her art practice. From her latest series of book paintings to her ongoing exploration of mystical themes, she continues to push the boundaries of her creativity. With each new project, Chaperon invites viewers to embark on a journey through the depths of her imagination.

Rebecca Chaperon


Rebecca Chaperon stands out as a beacon of creativity and imagination. Through her enchanting paintings, she invites viewers to explore the mystical realms of her imagination, where magic and mystery intertwine. The conversation between Ekaterina Popova and Rebecca Chaperon offered a glimpse into the mind of this visionary artist, leaving listeners inspired to push the subject and deeper meanings in their own work.