Welcome to a special episode of Art & Cocktails, where we sit down with the dynamic gallerist, Liz Lidgett, the owner of the "Liz Lidgett Gallery" in Des Moines, Iowa. Liz's mission is crystal clear: to make art accessible to all and promote the incredible talent of artists from around the world, with a strong commitment to showcasing at least 50% women artists.

In this special episode, Liz Lidgett shares her incredible journey from being an art advisor for corporations and individuals to venturing into gallery ownership. Discover how she is devoted to bringing joyful, colorful, and unique artwork to collectors, with pieces priced between $250 to $25,000. Liz believes that making original artwork accessible is the key to building art collections and nurturing a love for art in everyone. Liz also shares valuable career tips for artists seeking collaboration with galleries, offering insights on submission strategies and much more in the art world.

Feat. Mónica Ajenjo, Elisa Sheehan + more

Adapting During the Pandemic

Learn how Liz adapted during the pandemic by creating captivating videos that allowed art enthusiasts to experience the gallery's vibrant atmosphere online. She firmly believes that passion is contagious and strives to provide a bright and beautiful spot for those unable to visit galleries during lockdowns.

Building Connections and Community

But this episode goes beyond the gallery walls. Liz delves into the importance of personal connections, social media interactions, and community building in the art world. Discover her secrets for discovering new artists and finding the perfect gallery to align with your artistic vision and goals.

The Role of Artists in Marketing

Liz doesn't stop there; she encourages artists to actively engage in marketing their own work, sharing their stories, and connecting with potential collectors. She believes that galleries offer vital support, but artists should also play an active role in maximizing exposure and sales.

Exciting Announcements

As a bonus, Liz hints at exciting monthly announcements to celebrate the gallery's five-year anniversary and new partnerships beyond the art world. Get ready to be inspired and take notes as we explore the art world with the passionate and visionary Liz Lidgett.

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