In the latest episode of Art & Cocktails, our host, Ekaterina Popova, sits down with the vibrant and thought-provoking artist, Kendra Dandy. They chat about Kendra's unique style, her collaborations with major brands, and the struggles associated with design theft. But who exactly is Kendra Dandy?

About Kendra Dandy

Sassy, Provoking, and Colorfully Radiant, Kendra Dandy's illustrations aren't just works of art; they are a movement. A social media sensation, her artwork resonates across platforms and has been licensed globally, spanning home decor, beauty, apparel, and lifestyle sectors.

As an adept product developer represented by Jewel Branding and Licensing, Kendra unveiled the Bouffants & Broken Hearts brand in 2012. This venture showcased not just her artistic prowess but also her entrepreneurial acumen, gaining her a global cult following. Major brands like Anthropologie, Coach, Vans, Nike, Sephora, Estée Lauder, and Bobbi Brown have been so captivated by her flair that they've commissioned custom campaigns with her.

What sets Kendra apart is her ability to provoke engaging conversations with each art piece she crafts. Be it seductively winking fries or leopards donning bright red pumps, Kendra's patterns and media mixing exude youthful imagination. In 2016, she added 'author' to her commendable list of titles with the launch of the ‘Bouffants & Broken Hearts Coloring Book’—a 75-page treasure trove of fashion-inspired pop art prints available on Amazon.

Operating out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kendra's mastery isn't restricted to one medium. She fluidly moves between traditional and digital painting, leveraging tools like Procreate for the iPad, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Fresco. Keeping her audience engaged, she crafts mesmerizing GIFs for her Giphy artist channel. She continues to experiment, allowing printmaking, painting, drawing, and collage to inform and shape her digital expressions.

With a voice that's unmistakably her own, Kendra has garnered attention from Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, and PopSugar. A staunch advocate for budding artists and the protection of digital creators' copyrights, she is a proud Founding Member of the American Influencer Council.

For a closer look at her art, visit Kendra's Instagram.

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