Join Kat and TJ Walsh on an uplifting episode to help you reconnect with your purpose and find your superhero powers. TJ shares his perspective on how artists can make a big difference in our world, the importance of taking risks and the value of art education.

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TJ Walsh is an internationally exhibited artist who has nurtured creativity in hearts and minds for decades. He received his BFA in graphic design and an MA in clinical counseling psychology. He regularly writes and speaks about art, culture, faith & mental health and is an expert in human relationships, human creativity, the creative process, fear, and procrastination.

Over the past 20 years, TJ has worked at the colorful intersection of creativity, art, therapy, and education. He is an innovative, out-of-the-box artist, creative clinician and coach (Clini-Coach®) and Licensed Professional Counselor who helps others nurture their creative life so that they can be the powerhouse of an artist AND human they are created to be. He currently lives in Philadelphia, PA with his partner and two sons, a dog and cat, and 65 houseplants, as well as a very robust and growing collection of artwork from emerging and rising Philadelphia-based artists.

In 2021, TJ created the BOLD CREATIVES COLLECTIVE to help artists get over their shit, envision their dreams and develop innovative pathways to make those dreams a reality. In 2022, TJ is launching the GROW Your Creative Life program that will help artists launch themselves to the next step in achieving their creative dreams. He is also the founder of GROW Summits, through which he produces online and in-person events for artists and creative leaders to expand the power of their creativity and make bold impactful strokes on their communities and the world at large.

TJ Walsh
Tj Walsh
TJ Walsh
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