In the season finale of Art and Cocktails Podcast, I share my current experience of overcoming burnout and reclaiming my creativity. As I prepare to take a much-needed break, I reflect on the challenges of balancing multiple projects and maintaining mental and physical health. I offer practical tips on how artists can reduce stress, focus on what's important, and find joy in their creative practices. I also talk about using our intuition to pivot and respond to tough times and the economy.

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Episode Highlights

Managing Burnout:

In this episode, I discuss my experiences with burnout and the steps I'm taking to recover. It's been essential for me to eliminate tasks and commitments that drain my energy. By focusing on what truly matters, I’ve found ways to restore my mental and physical health.

Creative Inspiration:

Drawing inspiration from the Hard 75 Challenge and spending time outdoors has been incredibly beneficial. These positive habits nurture creativity and bring a fresh perspective to my practice. Join the waitlist for my Artcation: Artcation Waitlist.

Business Insights:

Evaluating your business and focusing on projects that bring both joy and financial stability is crucial. I provide insights into how I’m navigating these decisions and why it’s important to align your work with your passions.

Navigating Tough Times:

Responding to economic challenges with creativity and resilience is key. I share tips on staying solution-oriented and using intuition to pivot and adapt to changing circumstances.

New Hobbies and Self-Care:

I encourage artists to pursue new hobbies, set boundaries, and seek help when needed. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential for long-term success and well-being.

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