Welcome to another episode of Art & Cocktails! In this enriching conversation, host Ekaterina Popova (known to friends and listeners as Kat) engages with the remarkable Houston-based visual artist, Tyler Kay.

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Rediscovering Art through Healing

Tyler delves deep into her personal journey, recounting how a tragic loss led her to rediscover the therapeutic and healing powers of art. She expresses her philosophy of finding beauty in every moment, a theme vividly portrayed in her floral paintings.

Empowering Communities through Public Art

Tyler shares her experiences and learnings from a series of community-engaged mural projects, most notably her transformative journey at the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts in Skopelos Island, Greece. The conversation brings out Tyler's passion for public art and its powerful role in fostering community engagement and healing.

The Magic behind Glitch Florals

Discover the inspiration and creative process behind Tyler's renowned glitch florals. These intricate designs not only catch the eye but encourage viewers to perceive beauty from a fresh perspective.

Building a Thriving Mural Business

Are you an aspiring artist eager to venture into the public art sector? This segment is packed with practical advice as Tyler emphasizes the importance of professionalism, focusing on vital aspects such as contracts and protecting one's art through copyright.

Exclusive Resources and Discounts

Don’t miss out on the resources mentioned in this episode. Tyler encourages budding artists to check out opportunities at the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts and Public Artist. Plus, for all the readers out there, grab your new reader discount at Create Magazine, using the code NEWREADER to save 20%.

Join us in this heartwarming conversation, rich with insights, tips, and stories that are sure to inspire both budding and established artists. Tune in and take a step forward in taking your art seriously.