In today’s episode of Art & Cocktails, Kat introduces you to the life and art of James Razko, exploring his transition from military service to pursuing a career in art. Razko shares his personal journey, insights into his creative process, and experiences with his latest exhibition at Anna Zorina Gallery. This conversation reveals not just the evolution of an artist, but also the importance of personal growth, embracing change, and finding one’s unique voice.

Key moments include…

  • Military Service to Art: Razko reflects on his profound experience in the military and how it catalyzed his decision to become an artist, leading him to pursue painting and art education.
  • Evolution and 'Monomyth': A look into how Razko's art evolved from themes centered around his military experience to his current 'Monomyth' series, signifying his growth.
  • New Directions and Gallery Exhibition: Razko discusses the process of discovering his new artistic path, the positive response from Anna Zorina Gallery, and how journaling helped manifest his successful exhibition.
  • Work-Life Balance and Efficiency: Insights into Razko's daily routine, balancing art with family life, and how having limited time has made him more efficient in the studio.
  • Surfing as a Source of Inspiration: Razko shares his passion for surfing and how it serves as a creative outlet and source of relaxation, contributing to his overall well-being and artistic creativity.
  • Focus and Quality in Art: The importance of minimizing distractions in the studio, focusing on the present task, and how this approach has improved the quality of Razko's work.

The conversation in this episode provides an in-depth look at the challenges and triumphs of an artist’s journey, offering inspiration and practical advice for artists at any stage of their career.

Listen to the full episode and learn more about James Razko's work and his exhibition 'Casting Shadows' at the Anna Zorina Gallery on iTunes or Spotify.

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