In this episode, Alicia interviews multidisciplinary visual artist and philosopher Shantell Martin. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation that questions the self-imposed or peer pressure to constantly be working on something new and encourages creatives to embrace slowness. Learn Martin's advice for identifying the right collaborators work with and projects to pursue as well as the meaningful impact starting her career in Japan had on her. We hope you enjoy this insightful episode!

One of the collaborations discussed in the episode is a limited-run edition of Joya glass votive and XL porcelain candles. As a perfect complement to Shantell’s meditative line drawings, her personally designed and signed Joya candles will calm and ground with their beauty and scent. The adorned candle vessels are hand-poured and made in Joya’s 19th Century Brooklyn rigging garage turned ceramic studio. Each limited-edition vessel contains a very special pouring and layered wax process that allows for two different scents to be smelled when burned. Each distinctive scent is released after a specific lapse of time and helps to indicate a specific mark of time (10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes).