Navigating taxes as an artist can often feel like entering a labyrinth without a map. But fear not! In this uplifting podcast conversation, Ekaterina Popova sits down with Hannah Cole, the founder of Sunlight Tax, to shed light on the often murky world of taxes for creatives. From debunking myths to providing practical strategies, Hannah shares her wealth of knowledge to help artists embrace financial empowerment. Let's dive in!

Artist and Tax Expert: Hannah's journey from being a working artist to a tax expert specializing in serving creative businesses is nothing short of inspiring. Frustrated by the lack of tax education tailored to artists, she took matters into her own hands and founded Sunlight Tax. Through her platform, she empowers tens of thousands of self-employed individuals to take control of their finances with confidence.

Demystifying Taxes: One of the key takeaways from the conversation is the importance of normalizing discussions around taxes and financial management within the artistic community. By breaking down complex tax concepts into digestible pieces, Hannah aims to demystify the process and alleviate the anxiety that often accompanies tax season.

Practical Tips and Strategies: Hannah doesn't just stop at demystification; she offers practical tips and strategies to streamline tax processes for artists. From setting up efficient systems for tracking income and expenses to leveraging tax-advantaged accounts for retirement savings, her insights are invaluable for artists looking to navigate the financial landscape with ease.

Resources for Financial Empowerment: Throughout the episode, Hannah references various resources available through Sunlight Tax, including the Money Bootcamp program and her free visual guide to tax deductions. These resources serve as valuable tools for artists looking to level up their financial literacy and take control of their financial futures.

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Take Action: Ready to take the first step towards stress-free taxes? Don't miss out on Hannah's upcoming free masterclass, "Make Taxes Easier and stash an extra 130K in your savings." Mark your calendars for March 20th and register now to secure your spot!

Thanks to Hannah Cole's expertise and passion for empowering artists, navigating taxes no longer has to be a source of stress and confusion. Armed with practical tips and resources, artists can confidently embrace financial empowerment and focus on what they do best: creating. Here's to stress-free taxes and financial freedom for artists everywhere!