In the world of contemporary oil painting, few artists capture the emotion and nostalgia of landscapes quite like Adam Hall. Based in Franklin, TN, Adam's journey from the music industry to celebrated full-time artist is as inspiring as his artwork. Join us as we chat about the influences of nature and music on Adam's creative process, along with his valuable insights into outreach and collaboration for artists.

Adam's Journey:

With a professional career spanning almost two decades, Adam's artistic journey began amidst the vibrant music scene of Nashville, TN. However, it was his time spent in Rwanda, Africa, that sparked his passion for painting vast landscapes, setting him on a course toward a career in the visual arts.

Influence of Nature and Music:

Adam's paintings possess a unique ability to transport viewers into powerful landscapes, reflecting his deep connection to nature and the human experience. Influenced by the allure of nature and humanity's relationship with it, his recent body of work explores the profound beauty and chaos of the natural world.

Music also plays a significant role in Adam's creative process, serving as a source of inspiration and fueling his artistic endeavors. From live performances to curated playlists, music infuses his studio with energy and emotion, shaping the mood of his paintings.

Outreach and Collaboration:

In our conversation with Adam, we uncover his out-of-the-box marketing techniques, including reaching out to interior design and music industries. Adam shares valuable insights into leveraging collaborations to expand one's artistic reach, drawing from his own experiences working with brands like Netflix and HGTV.

Balancing Studio Time and Business Efforts:

As a parent and dedicated artist, Adam emphasizes the importance of time management and finding balance between studio work and business endeavors. Despite the demands of parenthood, Adam prioritizes carving out dedicated time for both creative exploration and marketing strategy.

Upcoming Exhibition:

Adam has an upcoming solo exhibition at Robert Lang Studios in Charleston, South Carolina, in September.


Adam Hall's artistic journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of nature, music, and collaboration. Aspiring artists and art lovers alike can draw inspiration from Adam's story, finding encouragement to explore their own creative paths while forging meaningful connections within the art community.