New podcast episode with Ekaterina Popova and Charlie J. Meyers.

Charlie talks about his journey of becoming an artist and curator, having grace and self-compassion for your studio practice and beyond. We also discuss how artists can incorporate more honesty into writing about their work to create compelling statements.

Charlie J. Meyers is a multi-award-winning American artist and curator of figurative abstraction and portraiture. In the past six years, Charlie’s work has toured with the Montreal Arts Council throughout Quebec in public and private galleries and has been exhibited in spaces throughout the USA, UK, and Canada. In 2020, he was awarded an Artist Relief Grant, an initiative organized by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, United States Artists, and Creative Capital. During quarantine, he started the initiative The Moon Cheese Curator, an international curatorial project focused on the interface between art production and the body. He paints in his work-live studio in Philadelphia.

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Charlie J. Meyers, “In The River”, 2x3ft , oil on canvas , 2022, Available VIA Artist
Charlie J. Meyers,  “Mother of the Sea”, 16x20 in, oil on canvas, 2022, Available VIA Artist

Charlie J. Meyers, “The Painter”, 11x14 in, oil on canvas, 2022, Available VIA Artist
“Cryptid”, 2x3ft, oil on canvas, 2022, Available VIA Artist
Charlie J. Meyers.