In this episode of 'Art and Cocktails', host Ekaterina Popova engages with the vibrant muralist, Gabriela Sepulveda, The Ivory Bunny. They discuss the role of playfulness in self-expression and the critical impact of community involvement on an artist's career. Gabby opens up about her strategies for adapting to different social environments, utilizing dress-ups, and quirky personas to create unforgettable interactions. She also emphasizes the power of embracing our authentic, even eccentric, selves. Through her own narrative, Gabby illustrates the transition from struggling to make ends meet to thriving in the mural community, exemplifying the importance of passion, perseverance, and the ability to own one's uniqueness.


Podcast Notes:

  • Strategies for becoming well-known within your art community.
  • The benefits of celebrating your unique qualities and 'weirdness'.
  • How attire can influence personal branding and leave a strong impression.
  • The significance of embracing various facets of your personality and locating supportive communities that encourage genuine self-expression.
  • Gabby's journey from striving to pay the bills with art to exceeding those aspirations and setting new objectives.
  • Practical advice for emerging artists to display their work, engage with local art scenes, and obtain funding.
  • The importance of establishing a robust artistic identity in-person and online, with a focus on impactful interactions over simply collecting followers.
  • Effective methods for self-introduction and forging valuable connections in the art industry.
  • Recognition of the art world's interconnectivity and the necessity of determination.


Tune in and be motivated to add flair and weirdness to your life and leave your unique imprint on the community!

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