Are you feeling stuck in your artistic journey? Overwhelmed by the pressure of art sales interfering with your studio practice? Look no further than this inspiring conversation with award-winning artist Kristy Gordon. Learn how she found her artistic voice and overcame creative blocks, allowing intuition to guide her work while finding diverse income streams to support her process.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Kristy's Journey: From childhood dreams of becoming an artist to navigating doubts and fears, Kristy shares her path to finding her artistic voice.
  2. Early Work Influence: Exploring colorful, multi-figure paintings addressing themes of identity and self-perception, Kristy discusses how her early work laid the foundation for her current style.
  3. Balancing Vision and Skill: Advice for artists struggling to connect their vision with technical skill, emphasizing the importance of intuition alongside training.
  4. Navigating Social Media: Strategies for maintaining a peaceful studio practice while managing social media exposure, including sharing work-in-progress without compromising vulnerability.
  5. Gallery Relationships: Insights into navigating relationships with galleries, prioritizing open communication, and maintaining artistic integrity.
  6. Diverse Income Streams: Kristy shares her experience with teaching, online courses, and other income streams, offering stability and creative fulfillment alongside painting sales.
  7. Coping with Criticism: Strategies for developing resilience in the face of criticism, seeking support from peers, and understanding that not everyone will immediately resonate with one's artistic direction.

About Kristy Gordon:

Kristy Gordon's work has been exhibited internationally, including venues such as the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona and the National Academy Museum in New York City. With a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design and an MFA from The New York Academy of Art, Kristy's art has won numerous awards and honors. She has received residencies at prestigious institutions worldwide and her work has been featured in prominent publications. Kristy is an adjunct professor at the New York Academy of Art and has taught at various institutions. Her paintings are held in collections worldwide and she is represented by galleries in New York, Ottawa, and Sag Harbor.

For more information, visit Kristy Gordon's website.