Join us in this fun and uplifting episode as Barbara Ann Michaels, also known as the Jester of the Peace, takes us on a 30-year journey as a performance artist with a unique background in humor. Discover how Barbara's profound realization led her to embrace humor and wellness as her true mission, creating audience interactive activations that are both funny on the surface and deeply transformative. Uncover the power of humor as a secret sauce that breaks down barriers and fosters genuine connections among people.

Barbara shares her visionary project of crafting a "town for humor and wellness," an immersive experience available in both live in-person and metaverse versions. Along the way, she inspires artists to embrace flexibility in their labeling and collaborations, opening doors to new opportunities for creative expression.

Tune in for laughter, insight, and a profound exploration of the human heart and the healing power of humor.

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Barbara Ann Michaels
Project by Barbara Ann Michaels