We are back with a new episode of Art & Cocktails Podcast that we are thrilled to share with you. In this heartwarming episode, Ekaterina Popova (Kat) engages in a deep and meaningful conversation with the incredible artist and entrepreneur Amira Rahim.

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Embracing Change and the New "Paint to Prosper" Book with Artist Amira Rahim

Join us as we explore the dynamic "seasons" that artists experience, the freedom in diverging from one fixed style, and the rich journey that comes with embracing change. Amira and Kat share heartfelt stories and artist insights that will inspire you to foster vulnerability both in your personal life and your endeavors.

About Amira Rahim

Hey, I'm Amira!

I transitioned from an aspiring lawyer to a globally licensed artist with almost a decade of experience, forming bonds with international collectors and achieving a 6-figure income by my second year in the business. Throughout my journey, I embraced the waves of artistic and business uncertainty, leading to unexpected successes.

My art has graced the platforms of big names such as Wayfair, HomeGoods, The Home, Hayneedle, and Amazon, even making appearances in Old Navy commercials and several TV shows and movies. But beyond the glitz and glam, I hold a deep passion for mentoring artists, guiding them to build liberating and prosperous art businesses from the inside out.

There's no set path in carving out a triumphant art business; it's a journey as unique as each artist. That's why I brought to life Better Than Art School™ in 2017, offering artists at all levels the golden opportunity to carve out their own success stories, nurturing unique styles, and leaving legacies through art.

Get to know more about Amira and her work through her Website and don't forget to pick up a copy of her encouraging book "Paint to Prosper" available now on Amazon.

Are you ready to be inspired?

Join us in this episode and open up to a world of opportunities and freedom with Amira Rahim. Tune in to the warmth, wisdom, and inspiration.