Work by Nicolle Cure
Work by Nicolle Cure

Congratulations to the artists selected for our virtual international exhibition "Healing From Within", scheduled to go live by August 2021.

Guest curator Tam Gryn selected the following artists out of hundreds of incredible submissions. We are so grateful for every artist who participated:

Greg Aimé

Alissa Alfonso

Valerie Auersperg

Tiffany Budzisz

Emma Rose Casady

Hygienic Chess

Calvin Coloma

Alex Côté

Nicolle Cure

Kelly Dabbah

Christin Fanelli

Nat Girsberge

Mahnoor Hussain

Shachi Kale

Maiko Kikuchi

David Krovblit

Ling-lin N/a Ku

Crystal Latimer

Seohyung Lee

Shaye Maxey

Demarcus McGaughey

Thomas Mckee

Stacey Dressen Mcqueen

Farhad Nikfam

Helen Lynn Parsons

Nick Pedersen

Evelyn Politzer

Alexis Price

Chris Revelle

Alexandra Rigores

Felix Roca

Anna Sorokina

Tina Struthers

Carmen Teixidor

Adana Tillman

Alanna Vanacore

Phallon Wright

Helena Wurzel

Ivette Zighelboim

Martha Zmpounou

Special mention:

Marines Adrianza

Elizabeth Alexander

Amal Amer


Martin Leland Benson

Natalie Bradford

Julie Campbell

Yichin Chen

Istvan Dukai

Jessika Edgar

Tal ~ Tara Eshed

Denis Faneites

Andrea Gallardo

Valeria Ganzman

Caroline Gates

Lea Gieck

Stephanie Godoy

Luis Grane

Heather Heitzenrater

Jeremy Janus

Adam Leitzel

Linda Louis

Holly Lowen


Mary Jo Matsumoto

Liz Mcburney

Eleisha Faith & Tonisha Hope Mccorkle

Alana Mcdowell

Nathan Miller

Anna Mogilevsky

Marryam Moma

Nadine Montille

Erick Mota

Juliana Naufel

Mary Kate Noonan

Natalie Novak

Alexandra Fields O'Neale

Erin Oliver

Sebastian Sandu

Helen Seigel

Ruth Sharton

Rebecca Stern

Clark Stoeckley

Dawn A Thomas

R.l. Edmondson Vance

Manuela Viera-Gallo

Shaun Walsh and Rachel Sebelist (raun Ws)

Seitaro Yamazaki

Kyle Yip

Denise Zubizarreta

Tam sent the following message with her final selections:

"I was very moved by the artists' stories, their ever-present aesthetic signature, the personality and intention that comes through in both the application text and the actual artwork. I selected a combination of artists with career trajectories in dialogue with true raw talent that is just now being born.

There is so much honesty in the topic of healing, and I believe now more than ever that all art is healing. The final selection reflects what was most healing to me subjectively in tandem with what is most true to the times we are living which covers the whole spectrum of healing from societal, to domestic, personal, psychological, mental, physical, health, addressing the pandemic as well as intimate and collective traumas.

I discovered artists that I loved, and even though I could not accept all of them for this show, I will call many of them for other projects."

This show will be on view by August 2021. Stay tuned for details and featured artist highlights!