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Exhibition Essay

Ekaterina Popova

The Glam Virtual Exhibition, curated by Alicia Puig, delves into the multifaceted theme of glamour. This theme offers a wide scope for exploration, encompassing both literal interpretations and abstract concepts. The artists featured in this exhibition examine subjects within fashion, makeup, and beauty, ranging from elegant, classic, and traditional to kitschy and over-the-top.

From still-life representations to figurative work, the exhibition showcases the artists' unique perspectives and approaches. We encourage diverse interpretations and welcome applications from artists of all backgrounds. Join us in exploring the allure of glam through these artists' eyes and experience the captivating blend of sophistication, extravagance, and visual opulence.

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Curators for this Exhibition

Alicia Puig

Artists for this Exhibition

Allison Moyers
Amy Lewis
Ashley Oberholtzer
Deborah B Macy
Emily Bayless
Iryna Merkulova
Jennifer Gatz
Julia Deckman
Julian Cardinal
Kacee Friedman
Kendra Dandy
Kingsley Otobo
Lisa Lee
Mariah Kaminsky
Ornélie Prioul
Sara Frantz
Sara Lutz Snethkamp
Sofia Stark
Srinjoy Gangopadhyay
Stella Chang
Zoe Furman

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