New Jersey based artist Angela Gram opens up a window into a surreal and wild view of nature in her complex paintings of deer, apes and panthers. Each painting shows a scene in which majestic animals are fractured and doubled, distorting perception and warping our sense of perspective. Gram’s sophisticated style and skill allows her to capture the powerful aura of these wild creatures while at the same time rupturing the composition, causing a deeply psychological affect. An aggressive, roaring lion becomes like shattered glass in the artist’s painting titled Lion’s Head. In the artist’s most recent work, unnatural, psychedelic colors are introduced, generating a whole new kind of energy from the environments she builds in her compositions.

Angela Gram says, “Through these works, I intend to embrace a larger environmental dialogue and passionately explore creativity where nature retains its value as a vehicle for direct observation, understanding, and self expression.”
(Gallery Poulsen)

The artist's work not only sparks conversation concerning our relationship with nature, but it also offers its viewers a gateway to explore our own imagination in relation to our environment and how this can alter what is possible.

Gram earned a BFA from from Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art. She has participated in several artist residencies, and has exhibited in a variety of cities all over the world. She is currently represented by Gallery Poulsen in Copenhagen, Denmark, where you can find more of her beautiful artwork.

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