'Bloom' Curated by Gita Joshi


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Exhibition Essay

Essay by Christina Nafziger

From Monet to Georgia O’Keefe, to Van Gogh to Andy Warhol, a bloom, a flower, is one of the oldest subjects of art in history. We are drawn to it over and over again, in art and in life. We give flowers to friends and lovers, we plant flowers in our yards as we make our house a home, we pick and press them, saving them as keepsakes to remember precious moments. They are delicate, inspiring, and full of natural beauty. Flowers offer us endless joy not just due to their graceful form and shape, but also because of what they symbolize, what they inspire in us.

To see a flower grow is special, but nothing is as spectacular as the end result: the bloom. The bloom is the fruit of the flower’s labor, it’s final form. It symbolizes growth and opening oneself up, something that is a necessary constant in an artist’s life. To bloom is to become your truest form, to unapologetically let your light shine.

In this exhibition, 31 artists take on this timeless subject, each putting their own unique spin on what it means to bloom. Rooted in flora, the works include photography, paintings, cut paper, digital art, textiles, and more. These magnificent works are proof that the grass is greener where you water it—and each artist’s time, labor, determination, and creativity has come together to create a diverse garden of works.

Words by Christina Nafziger

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Curators for this Exhibition

About Our Guest Curator

Gita Joshi is an independent curator, an award-winning art dealer, and the host of The Curator’s Salon - a podcast and website focussing on the art world with advice for early and mid-career artists.

She has an art history background and trained in curating at Central St Martins before opening her own gallery, Orso Major, in Central London (2013-2016).

Gita has produced artists open studio programs, worked with arts charities, organised open exhibitions, been a juror for art competitions, and curated exhibitions in business spaces as well as within the gallery context.

She works as an artist coach supporting artists to establish their careers and paint their own profitable path.

She has curated over 30 exhibitions and her first virtual exhibition opened in April 2020. 

Gita is the author of the bestselling book, Show Your Art - How to build an art career without a Gallery.  

She says “There are more artists than galleries could ever manage today. And if you are an artist, you are best positioned to show your art and reach an appreciative audience directly. Artists are the best advocates of their work and need to learn to become their own agents. The idea that you must have a gallery for any kind of success is an outdated one. Sadly this idea keeps artists stuck and unseen, when in fact the tools and resources to exhibit and sell their work is available to them right now.”


Artists for this Exhibition

Evi Antonio
Tracy Bayne
Tiffany Budzisz
Helena Calmfors
Shelby K Cook
Perry Devick
Nick Fagan
Emma Knight
Tim Fowler
Robert Frankel
Ghia Haddad
Emma Hill
Debra Hill
Teresa Katsaros
Lara Alcantara Lansberg
Jovanitha Le Long
Ryan Martin
Dominika Montonen-koivisto
Mrs. Minal Morarji
Julie Moss
Carol Muthiga-oyekunle
Roshni Patel
Kathleen Rietz
Kae Sasaki
Debra Cook Shapiro
Kristin Sjaarda
Georgie Stewart
Andrea Q. Thompson
Janna Robins Walters
Vanessa Wenwieser
Samantha Wood

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