Yvonne Coleman Burney

Artist Statement:

I am a USAF Veteran and a woman of passion with purpose. I have dreamed of being an artist since the age of eight. I spent long days sitting in the backyard looking at the mountains and scribbling on paper and canvas boards. At age 68 and being self-taught, I feel that I am just getting started in life all over with a new do-over, because this time, it is for me. Collage and mixed media have always been my first loves and always will be, but finding the digital format in which I can vividly express my voice in so many wonderful ways has been life changing for me. I have chosen to focus on women with my Women in Bloom collection. Being an African American mature woman myself, I have experienced many trials and tribulations that women sometimes face, yet I am always amazed at the resilience and determination of women to still rise above it all. The collection is to connect beautiful women around the world with a piece of art that fits their characteristics and reminds them of the power and beauty they seamlessly possess.