I was born in Moscow, Russia but several years ago I moved to Europe, initially Italy but now I'm based in Barcelona. By profession I’m a yacht designer and have a degree in architecture and interior design.

I have always been passionate about drawing and art, having studied it since I was 9 years old with a gifted teacher in Moscow. Here in Barcelona i have frequented a life drawing studio for over a year, and found that i could not live without this constant practice. This has rekindled my passion for painting and to develop my career in this direction.

The process gives me an incomparable feeling of freedom and focus at the same time. I'm driven by necessity, to fulfill this sense of wellbeing through drawing and painting.

I’m just starting to explore my inner world by extracting all the uneasy emotions and mental obstacles that I have in my mind. It may sound self-indulgent, but i have no other way to find my own language and purpose in art. So I am using it as a kind of therapuetic gate to open up unconscious expressions and meanings.

Patience and hope are my subjects of investigation. I'd like to express these emotions and qualities in my paintings.


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🔈SOUND ON 🔈And enjoy my summer video! 😉So much fun to see myself drawing "from the outside"! ♥️ Idea and footage by @lobanoova ♥️ Give me like - I will pass it to her)) . Music credits to: Broke for free - A Bautiful Life . #yulialobanov_art #artvideo #drawingvideo #artist

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