Create! Magazine is pleased to introduce you to the elegant, winter landscapes of Samuel E. Dixon, an artist we discovered recently through one of our calls for artists. Primarily a watercolorist, Dixon also works in oil and acrylics, influenced by paintings of French and American Impressionists. He works to capture the essence of inspiration and atmosphere, explaining that “the overall concept to my work is my attempt to document the moment.” His art often focuses on shapes and abstraction through a gestural approach, creating paintings with an energetic motion. Using this approach, Dixon can achieve a careful balance between controlled structure, spontaneity, and color compositions. Born in Wichita Falls, Texas, Dixon spent his childhood in New York and New Jersey, and studied art in Maryland. The artist attended Prince George’s County Community College and University of Maryland where he honed his skills as an artist and graphic designer. He studied fine art, illustration, and graphic design under Maryland artists Joe Mayer, Michael Carr, and Jim Thorpe.

“When people look at my art I want it to speak to them. I try to stay away from all the political stuff… I’m not interested in making a statement. I just want my art to make you feel good.”

For more examples of Dixon’s work or to purchase reproductions, please visit the artist’s website: