Congratulations to the following artists selected for our winter print issue by guest curator Daniel Raphael Gallery!

We received incredible submissions and want to thank each and every artist for participating. This issue is due out by mid February 2022 and we can't wait to share what's inside.


Leonard Baby

Nina Baxter

Heidi Brueckner

Rachel Campbell

Mae Chan

Abanti D Chowdhury

Uriel Clark

Violet Costello

Eutalia De La Paz

Juan De La Rica

Brittany Fanning

Phyllis Gorsen (Featured)

Yurim Gough

Anton Franz Hoeger

Allison Dawn Johnson

Doi Kim

Christine Lee

Isabella Losskarn

Ken Mar

Ivan Milisic

Dana Oldfather

Adetona Omokanye

April Repotski

Jonathan Rodriguez

Ewelina Skowronska

Anthony Solano

Emily Strong

Anne Von Freyburg

Jingyi Wang

Léni Whitford

Helena Wurzel

Special Mention:

Jay B. Ballesteros

Helena Calmfors

Andrew Chalfen

Charlotte Evans

Rebecca Frantz

Shabnam Jannesari

Katherine Lampert

Sara Lee

Jiaxi Li

Justin Mezzapelli

Jodi Miller

Meg Lionel Murphy

Jacquelin Nagel

Jette Reinert

Karin Richter

Marc Scheff

Alessandro Tomassetti

Mingjie Yang

Michael Zehnder

Martha Zmpounou

We are proud to present our incredible guest curator for this issue, Daniel Raphael Gallery, a Contemporary Art Gallery based in Marylebone, London with a focus on emerging artists.

Daniel Raphael Gallery in London is dedicated to championing Emerging Art. Founded in 2016 by Daniel Levy, the exhibitions aim to be interactive, thought provoking and original. The Gallery acts as a platform for an international range of emerging and mid-career artists with a focus on talent that shows uniqueness and a high-quality finish. In order to maintain a diverse programme, there is great enthusiasm for collaborations on projects with curators, collectors and artists. A collaborative highlight from the 2021 calendar being Get a Load of This!. Curated with 'She Curates', the Gallery launched an international group show of twenty-five women and non-binary artists exploring the female form through the female gaze. As a general mood for those interacting and/or working with the Gallery, Daniel puts an emphasis on being transparent and approachable. "Our current space is representative of a domestic gallery - again further promoting the message that one should be at ease and comfortable in the gallery environment". - D. Levy, Founder.