Chicago-based artist and designer Whitney Oberg has explored many art and design areas and focuses on hands-on works like painting and digital designs. With her experience as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, she's been able to mesh the two to create profound conceptual works of art. She brings concepts to life with contrasting, but harmonious colors and bold compositions. Whitney is a storyteller who encourages us to come along for the visual journey into her world.


I call this one Mirrors. It expresses my outlook on my current life and the alchemy that's a part of the process of growth and change when you put your mind to it. Through this painting, I show all sides of my experiences conceptually by referencing a long-exposure photo of my head turned to create an overlapping effect on my face. This concept is meant to show a racing mind, full of perspectives to look into. I wanted this to be something to relate to and inspire a bright outlook on life when we're pulled in so many directions. It's about balance and seeing all sides of an experience, looking in the mirror, and choosing the brighter side.