Western Gallery proudly presents AFTER THE GOLD RUSH

Distinct takes on the history and mythos of the American West against the context of Neil Young’s breakout solo album

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 1, 4-8 pm

Artist Panel: Sunday, April 2, 2:30 pm

The American West in Fine Art: Beyond a Regional Fascination

What/Who: Western Gallery presents over 100 works from more than 30 artists from across the United States for Austin viewers to appreciate, contemplate, critique and enjoy.

When: Saturday, April 1 – Sunday, April 30, 2023

Where: WG at Vaughn Art Gallery: 2307 Thornton Rd. #112, Austin, TX 78704

Why: The awareness of the West and its vast resources has never been greater. Coupled with renewed interest in space exploration and a backdrop of ever-growing environmental concerns, the themes of After the Gold Rush resonate now more than ever.

How: Come visit in person at Vaughn Art Gallery on Thornton Road. Attend the opening and/or come by to browse or for a personal tour of the work.

Contacts: George Irwin, george@western.gallery, 512-693-8787

Sarah Winkler, When The Sun Burst Through The Sky, Acrylic on Wood, 26 x 32


[AUSTIN, TEXAS – March 15, 2023; source: Western Gallery]After the Gold Rush brings together over 100 works from more than 30 artists living and working across the United States for viewers to contemplate, critique and enjoy. The exhibition invites viewers to consider the history and mythos of the American West following its Euro-American “settling” all the way to the Pacific within the context of Neil Young's breakout solo album, with lyrical subjects ranging from medieval knights to spaceships. Ultimately, the album is about loving one another and caring for our Earth. 

The artworks Western Gallery presents are very much in alignment with these ideas and context. Whether a landscape painting or a LED-lit plexiglass sculpture of a saddle, the inspiration at the heart of these works begin and end with an appreciation for the West, its lifestyles and the land itself. Especially for rural Western Americans, the importance of conservation pervades the entire lifestyle and can’t be understated. 

Though the California gold rush may have primarily been a brute pillaging of natural resources that funded Anglo development, the awareness of the West and its vast resources—both above and below ground—has never been greater. Coupled with renewed interest in space exploration and a backdrop of ever-growing environmental concerns, the themes of After the Gold Rush continue to resonate both in popular music and in fine art.

Whitney Gardner, Naturalized Westerner, Oil on Linen, 10 x 8″

Vanessa Compton, The Searchers, Mixed-Media on Canvas, 24 x 24”

Carson Bilger (Phoenix, AZ)

Sara Bloodwolf (Broussard, LA)

Vanessa Compton (Burlington, VT)

Taylor Crisp (Pasadena, CA)

Denise Deleo (Las Vegas, NV)

Leslie DeLeon (Austin, TX)

Elizabeth Dryden (Dallas, TX)

Maeve Eichelberger (Denver, CO)

Whitney Gardner (29 Palms, CA)

Victoria Gilmore (Bourne, TX)

Hannah Harper (Norman, OK)

Chaz Kerger (Taos, NM)

Corbett Kesler (Denver, CO)

Chanel Kreuzer (Elgin, TX)

Sirena LaBurn (Houston, TX)

Anna-Lisa Leal (Georgetown, TX)

Alice Leese (Andrews Co., TX)

Drew Macias (Chino, CA)

Taylor Manoles (Bend, OR)

Kerri Menchaca (Ft. Worth, TX)

Ally Morgan (Rockville, MD)

Danika Ostrowski (Austin, TX)

Brandon Owen (Nashville, TN)

Greg Piazza (Dallas, TX)

GL Richardson (Santa Fe, NM)

Antonio Savarese (Moab, UT)

Ryan Scheer (Denver, CO)

Lida Steves (San Antonio, TX)

Gina Teichert (Napa, CA)

Lucile Wedeking (Stamford, TX)

Sarah Winkler (Denver, CO)

Sirena LaBurn, Pretty Fate, Oil on Linen, 25 x 39″

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Western Gallery curates distinct perspectives of the American West, from abstract to photorealistic and classic to contemporary. Founded in January of 2020 by George Irwin with a mission to serve fine artists and online art lovers worldwide while connecting viewers to the land, cultures and heritage of western North America, Western Gallery is notable for launching the careers of numerous ultra-contemporary ‘western’ artists—entirely online. Over the past six months, Western Gallery has ventured into in-person exhibitions in collaboration with Vaughn Art Agency + Gallery in Austin, TX.

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Vaughn Art Agency + Gallery was founded by Rachel Drake, supported by Ashley Nussbaum, to give emerging artists a platform and a space to grow their independent art businesses, while curating art for collectors for personal enjoyment and investment pieces.

Background image: Antonio Savarese, Back of Beyond. Oil on Canvas, 24 x 24”