It brings me immense joy to present each edition and dive into the microcosms of artists crafting their soul's work from across the globe. In this issue #42, our focus shifts to the expansive subject of love. Indeed, it is this very essence that fuels our studio practice, enabling us to embody the role of an artist. The same substance has sustained us in creating the magazine year after year, through all the challenges, pivots, and ups and downs, and we want you to know how deeply appreciated you are if you're currently turning these pages.

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Gregory Euclide

📖 Inside This Issue:

  • Career-in-Focus: Demystifying Artists’ Labor by Christina Nafziger
  • All Things That I Love: Interview with Emily Van Hoff by Alicia Puig
  • Retreating Internally to What You Love: Interview with Andrew Salgado by Christina Nafziger
  • Show Me What Love Looks Like: A Conversation with Asha Iman Veal about Curating Love by Christina Nafziger
  • Adding a Modern Flair to Contemporary Embroidery: Interview with Danielle Clough by Ekaterina Popova
  • Bewitching Women: A Profile on Artist, Curator (and Working Mum) Olivia Mansfield by Zoë Goetzmann

Marie-Claude Marquis

Featured Artists in Our Curated Section:

Joey Bates
Bridgette Bramlage
Rachel Castle
Xiaowei Chen
Rachel Denny
Gregory Euclide
Katherine Fraser
Stephanie Gibby
Colleen Hoffenbacker
Claudia Hollister
Ali Hval
Nicole Sanchez Ilzenhofer
Jazz Johnson
Angie Meche Kilcullen
Danielle Klebes
Brandy Kraft
Marie-Claude Marquis
Lisa Mavian
Allison Moyers
Michelle Pang
Dominique Pfahl
Anna Mikhaela Reyes
Sana Rose
Leslie Lewis Sigler
Mark Liam Smith
Tina Suszynski
Brittney Tough
Dorothée Vantorre
Katy M. Vaughn
Kazaan Viveiros
Win Wallace
Marion Wesson
Ying Zheng

In a few weeks, look out for Issue #41 in stores like McNally Jackson (NYC), Charlotte Street News (London), Paradigm Gallery (Philadelphia), Delaware Contemporary (Wilmington), and more.

Danielle Clough