On Tuesday, August 1st, 2023, the city of Atlanta witnessed a mesmerizing transformation through Marryam Moma's solo exhibition, 'ICONoclasts.' This powerful artistic expression captivated and reshaped the local art community, leaving an indelible mark on identity, race, and gender conversations.

Held at South Fulton County's Emma Darnell Aviation Museum & Conference Center, 'ICONoclasts' embarked visitors on an awe-inspiring journey. Moma's meticulously hand-cut collage narratives resounded with a quiet defiance, confronting contemporary contradictions in each piece.

The exhibition united an exceptional assembly of influential figures, including André Léon Talley, Nikki Giovanni, Tennessee State Representatives Justin Prearson & Justin Jones, the incomparable Bethann Hardison as "The Lady 'Mack Beth," Grace Jones, and Atlanta's own Melissa Alexander. Their star power, emotions, and panache held audiences captive. Moma's artworks spun compelling tales, weaving vintage and modern materials into an artistic feat that challenged norms.

Sponsored by Dashboard and esteemed supporters like BrownHaus Collection, Diptyque® Paris, FOLKUS, Fulton County Arts & Culture, Genre: Urban Arts Magazine, The Jones Collection, Lorraine West Jewelry, NBAF, Revanche Cognac, Starbucks®, and VUVOI, the 'ICONoclasts' exhibition embodied Atlanta's collaborative art spirit.

Emmy-nominated Rodney LoveJones, the event's creative director, and Moma successfully reshaped icon narratives. Their seamless collaboration not only appealed aesthetically but also ignited discussions about contemporary issues. Collectors and visitors departed with a renewed appreciation for analogue collage and visual dialogues around iconic figures.

Moma's remarkable talent for delving into intricacies and subtleties shone brightly in each piece. Collaborating with award-winning jewelry designer Lorraine West, they conjured enchanting moments, inviting art lovers to celebrate the socio-cultural impact of depicted subjects.

The VIP gifting suite, hosted by Reuben & Ayanna Jones of The Jones Collection, welcomed notable personalities like Milton J. Little Jr. (President & CEO at United Way of Greater Atlanta), Actor Dyllón Burnside (POSE), Musician Victor Jackson, Starbucks Corporate Team, and more. Over 300 tastemakers, art collectors, and enthusiasts experienced the 'ICONoclasts' essence, with over 60% of the exhibition sold, underlining its immense popularity.

Marryam Moma's 'ICONoclasts' will be etched as an unparalleled artistic endeavor, giving voice to unsung heroes and ancestors. Through her creativity and passion, Marryam Moma has left an enchanting legacy within Atlanta's cultural memory.

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