Two leading women-led social enterprises are proud to announce their merger with the goal of breaking down barriers and addressing the persistent gender gap in the art world.

repaint history and art girl rising logos

With a combined total of ten years of experience in empowering women artists and promoting diversity in the art community, Repaint History and ArtGirlRising are now joining forces to create a powerful force for change. Together, they will work to provide resources, access to funding and opportunities as well as partnering with museums and art institutions globally to help women and non-binary artists gain recognition and thrive in the industry.

"Our merger is a powerful statement that women and non-binary artists are an integral part of the art world and deserve to have their voices heard. We are committed to leveling the playing field and providing opportunities for all artists to succeed," said Liezel Strauss, Founder of ArtGirlRising

"This merger is more than just a business decision – it is a statement of commitment to the cause. Women and non-binary artists have long been underrepresented in the art world, but with this merger, they have a powerful new ally in their fight for recognition and equality" said Pegah Kargar, Founder of Repaint History

ArtGirlRising and Repaint History merger


Alicia Puig has been a contributing writer for Create! Magazine since 2017.