Tracy Bayne is LA based artist whose work is inspired by her floral photography.  Her early education was always an artistic self-taught journey into finding art and beauty in everyday life.  After high school, Tracy left home in Colorado to travel Europe modeling, she spent her off time exploring museums and unique architecture of each city.  After modeling, she was called to go into costume design and took classes at the Otis Parsons in Los Angeles.  Tracy had a successful career in wardrobe where she worked with Michael Jackson, Val Kilmer. While on set, she photographed her work.  This led her down the path of photography.  After 10 years of shooting beauty campaigns, her life took another shift into retouching, working with Francois Nars, David LaChapelle, and Herb Ritz.  It was during this time that her love of architecture came to light.  She went on to design/build million dollar homes in Southern California.

Fast forward to 2020, when the world was rocked by a global pandemic.  It was during this time that she decided to follow her love for painting.  It felt like a necessity for her during such an uncertain time.  She wanted an outlet that would allow her to focus on the optimism of everyday life, without all the negative.  Tracy's work is infused with spirit and energy and hopes that each piece is interpreted by the collector in its own way to bring them a sense of hope and joy.

“Painting is a gift for me, crazy to think that a global pandemic would actually give me a gift I didn’t realize I needed until now. I simply create. All of my life has been about creating - whether it be film, materials for building a home, or now…  A canvas.  Creating is the essence of life.”

Bodacious Blooms by Tracy Bayne


When I first picked up a paintbrush, I tried to plan every stroke and layout the images that were inside of my head. But, when I did so, everything I painted seemed simply predictable. I was overthinking instead of letting my creativity flow. When I enrolled in a course entitled “Find Your Joy” by Louise Fletcher and really dug into her teachings, everything clicked. Instead of planning, I began to follow my intuition… what ultimately has been my driving force in every creative endeavor I’ve undertaken. When I let go and let the paintings reveal themselves from within myself, they all begin to have their own energy… their own life… they begin to “bloom.” I am only at the beginning of this journey, but the joy and surprise I feel at the end of every painting is tremendously satisfying.

I guess you can say that my own “blooming” has just begun - with every stroke of the brush, new artistic choices, a painting is brought to life. I can’t wait to see where this new creative career takes me.

Bring Me More Poppies Please by Tracy Bayne
Floral Chaos by Tracy Bayne
Floral Kaleidoscope by Tracy Bayne
Inflorescence by Tracy Bayne
Inflorescence 1 by Tracy Bayne
Inflorescence 4 by Tracy Bayne
Orange Is The New Black by Tracy Bayne
Out On A Limb by Tracy Bayne