Tini Pinto is a multi-disciplinary artist who is a trained studio potter and a painter. She founded Tini Pinto Ceramics in 2012 while living in Bermuda. She now creates ceramics for commercial use in her fully equipped pottery studio at her home in Connecticut.

In the last twenty years, she has moved from India to the U.S, Bermuda, and back to the U.S. During this time, she has leaned on her love for art to overcome the loneliness, isolation, and alienation she faced as a foreigner. Having led a multi-cultural life, growing up in India and traveling extensively to six continents inspires and informs her aesthetic. In Bermuda, she found endless inspiration in the breathtaking ecology of the island. She was recognized for her 2014 collection, Wrecks & Reefs, and won the Made in Bermuda Awards in 2015 for it.

She works tirelessly, bringing to life new work that attempts to capture the duality of life by finding harmony in the juxtaposition of opposites. Her current collection, Treasures from the Triangle, consists of pieces that are provocative and elegant at the same time. They are an ode to the ecological diversity and the living mythologies of sunken gilded treasures in the Bermuda Triangle. She creates limited edition pieces for every new collection. Her work is coveted for its uniqueness by her clients.

Artist Statement:

“I create art to escape the boundaries of the mundane world."

Being an artist for me has always been about entertaining myself. My soul is always wandering and exploring ideas, while my eyes capture and document everything around me. I find inspiration in the physical world and creativity in the metaphysical one. Art transports me to a world of wonder. It’s a world where I am limited only by my imagination. Making art allows me to physically express the snap shots of my soul’s wanderings. I strive to push the bounds of my own limitations and create work that finally transcends the expected.


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