Just a few days ago, from September 14-17, we were lucky enough to immerse ourselves in the world of vibrant art at the Superfine art fair in NYC's Flatiron District. It was a colorful celebration, marking the 6th edition of the Superfine NYC Art Fair, which brought together fresh and bold talents from all over the world.

If you were there, you would agree that every corner was buzzing with creativity and every artist brought something unique to the table.

For those who missed it, we have got you covered! Here, we highlight 15 artists who stood out and made a bold statement with their remarkable art:

Laura Cleary

Ivey Jane Holt

Andrew Race



Art by Rujuta

Deeann Rieves

Chris Minard

Kim Tateo

Jessica Joy London

Jessi Olarsch

Marc Scheff

Sean Qualls

Jenny Okumura

Vaidehi Kinkhabwala