Robert Hightower is a mixed medium artist. Having no formal education his art style is self taught and driven by his experiences and environment. Robert began painting in 2021 as a coping mechanism, now he tells stories within his very elaborate abstract style of art. His style involves the incorporation of unique brush-less strokes coupled with lots layering for added depth.

Robert Hightower Studio

Artist Statement

For the past few years I have experimented as an abstract expressionist artist. What began with designs on clothing and digital art creations has transformed into mixed media art on canvas. My style involves combining landscapes and letters to create unique imagery and depth. My art is influenced by my mental health journey, life as a father/partner and my life experiences to date. Originally born in Chicago, I fell in love with architecture and try and incorporate various elements into my artwork. When I am not painting you will find me experimenting with photography and capturing abstract moments formed from shadows and natural light sources.


Robert Hightower Studio
Robert Hightower