Emily Suñez is an artist, author, and illustrator who grew up in northern Virginia and now works out of her home studio in Pasadena, California. Emily’s award-winning paintings have been featured in Candyfloss Magazine, as well at Brea Gallery, Sanchez Art Center, Palos Verdes Art Center, and the Joshua Tree National Park Art Expo. She is the illustrator and author of The Healing Journal: Guided Prompts and Inspiration for Life with Illness. Outside of her art practice, Emily is an advocate for people with chronic illness and is the Co-Director of Los Angeles Dysautonomia Network (LADN).


Painting intricately detailed southwest desert landscapes has helped me forge an intimate connection with the natural world. My fascination with desert plants relates to their ability to thrive and beautifully bloom despite the harsh conditions of the landscape. As such, the desert life forms in my work evoke themes of growth, resiliency and survival.For me, painting has always been a form of meditation and healing, where I find peace through repetitive tiny brush strokes. While my process begins with taking photos in the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts, I work largely from memory of these locations in my most recent work. My paintings are an idealized, romanticized version of the natural world, portraying the desert landscape as pure and sacred, worthy of reverence and protection. I strive for my paintings to be a reminder to the viewer of Earth’s beauty and sanctity.