The single greatest compliment I have ever received about my work is that it made the observer "feel seen." It was this sentiment that revealed to me what drives me into the studio each morning—the search for home.

As an artist who has called many places home, immersing myself in new landscapes and responding to them immediately with my brush is critical. Home is transient and diverse. Home is the majesty of mountains and the pattern of our tea towels. It's the ferocity of the sea and the chip in our coffee mugs. Home is large and small, organic and manufactured. It's many things, but it's never one thing.

I paint because I want to find my home, but I want to find your home too. And these two things are both the same and very different.

Studio Amy Dixon


Amy Dixon is an Edmonton-based visual artist. Finding early inspiration in the mountain and ocean vistas of her childhood home in Nova Scotia, she is drawn to natural beauty and place in her art. In 2009, Amy exchanged raging Atlantic waters for vast prairie skies when she settled in Alberta, where she has since been captivated by the yellows, blues, and pinks of western summers as much as by the comforting stillness of the Rocky Mountains.

Before transitioning to full-time artist, she held positions in Community Development and Marketing with private and non-profit organizations. Using her education and experience, she contributed to bettering her local community, a value she maintains as a professional artist.Amy has spent considerable time traveling in order to inform her art and perspective. She has lived in nearly a dozen countries across Europe, where she was able to explore the impact of art throughout history, but also discover the natural wonders of the places she visited. It was this experience that gave her the final push to leave her corporate position behind and embrace artistry full-time.Amy’s work is a constant evolution as her desire to explore Canada and around the world continues to shape and influence her craft.

Amy Dixon Studio
Amy Dixon Studio
Amy Dixon Studio